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Electrolytes & Vitamin Supplements


  • Bovine GoldLyte®

    Bovine GoldLyte® is a nutritional supplement for cattle dehydrated due to shipping or hot weather, and for reducing shrink in cattle. Bovine GoldLyte® can also be used as a routine supplement for after calving.

  • Calf CPR™

    Calf CPR™ is designed as a supplement for calves at arrival and prior to routine stress related outbreaks. Calf CPR™ supplies beneficial microbial cultures and ingredients known to influence microbial populations in the gut. Calf CPR™ can be mixed with milk or milk replacer during highly challenging periods.

  • Catolyte™ Supplement

    Electrolyte / nutritional / microbial supplement for ruminating cattle. Also provides high levels of vitamins, energy and enzymes.

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