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Our focus remains on the producers. Bio-Vet’s knowledgeable sales staff provide customers with consulting, continued education and expert solutions for animal production, management, and environmental challenges.

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Bio-Vet welcomes Dr. Nate Haas DVM, MS, DACVM

Bio-Vet, Inc. is excited to announce Dr. Nate Haas DVM, MS, DACVM has joined the team as a Director of Applied Research and Technical…
From the Field
An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure for this Wisconsin Dairy
From the Field
From Performance to Recovery, Learn How One Pair of Horses Have Thrived on Microbials
Product Features
Microbial Products Hold the Key for young Calves
From the Field
Keeping Cows Consistent is Key on Wisconsin Dairy With Bio-Vet

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