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ParturX® Drench

ParturX® Drench
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The only product on the market containing the combination of calcium, niacin and other vitamins, propylene glycol, and a full feeding of yeast culture. ParturX® Drench contains compounds the cow needs after calving to build blood glucose, including 110 grams of glucose precursors (glycol).


▪  High calcium level combined with supplements for management of ketosis

▪  Rapid (chloride) absorption calcium source

▪  Magnesium for complicated fresh cow cation balance

▪  High vitamin levels

▪  12 grams of niacin to aid liver function

▪  High levels of B vitamins to support metabolic enzymes and appetite

▪  110 grams of glucose precursors to help maintain blood glucose levels

▪  Full feeding of yeast culture to support rumen function and appetite


▪  Addresses calcium and energy metabolism and appetite in fresh cows

Research has shown over 50% of 2nd lactation and older cows suffer from subclinical milk fever (hypocalcemia) and over 40% of all cows suffer from ketosis at calving. Feed intake on calving day can drop 50% of normal.


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