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Generator ProSacc Direct Fed Microbial Blend

Generator™ ProSacc™ DFM Blend
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Microbial supplement specifically designed for ruminant animals. Generator™ ProSacc™ provides high levels of microorganisms, including rumen / intestinal origin bacteria, yeast, digestive enzymes and B vitamins. Feed daily to all ruminants, such as pre-conditioning cattle, incoming feedlot steers and weanling calves. Especially useful for rations containing lower quality forages or high in soluble carbohydrates.


▪  Bio-Vet’s proprietary blend of rumen Propionibacteria

DMI x digestion = production


▪  Intestinal lactic acid producing bacteria

▪  Live cell yeast produce enzymes and B vitamins, and maintain dry matter intake

▪  Enzyme producing bacteria help break down feed

▪  Digestive enzymes help break down feed

▪  B vitamins are essential nutrients

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