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Calf GoldLyte®

Calf GoldLyte®
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For calves to replenish electrolyte salts at shipping, during hot weather or fluid loss, and when diarrhea is present. Calf GoldLyte® may be mixed with water for daily feeding, fed as a drench or with a stomach tube.

Customer Experiences:

"When a calf is born, sometimes they don't want to suck the bottle the next feeding. Calf GoldLyte® gives you something to hydrate the calf. You can't drench milk or you could make the calf sick, but you can drench Calf GoldLyte® until they want to suck the bottle." Click here to view the full testimonial.


  • Balanced electrolytes and buffering agents, including sodium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate and citrate, for improved water retention and proper body fluid maintenance   
  • Multiple strains of beneficial microorganisms
  • Fructooligosaccharides (inulin) and yeast cell walls to help beneficial bacteria
  • Kelp extract, which supplies micronutrients
  • B complex vitamins to replace those excreted during fluid loss from hot weather and diarrhea


  • Replaces beneficial digestive organisms
  • Replenishes important electrolytes
  • Energy resource for calves
  • Nutritional supplement during fluid loss associated with shipping, heat or scours
  • Helps reduce shrink

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