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Bovine GoldLyte®

Bovine GoldLyte®
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Bovine GoldLyte® is a nutritional supplement for cattle dehydrated due to shipping or hot weather, and for reducing shrink in cattle. Bovine GoldLyte® can also be used as a routine supplement for after calving.

Summer support for dairy cattle

Dairy cows, especially high producing animals, are particularly susceptible to the negative effects of hot weather. As the temperature rises, feed intake starts to drop and milk production suffers. Diseases and metabolic disorders may be more prevalent during hot weather, partly due to cows’ weakened immune system.

Optimal hot weather management goes beyond providing shades, misters and watering systems. Direct fed microbials (DFMs) and electrolyte products can provide support to help meet cows’ energy needs and maintain milk production.Beat the summer heat with DFMs

Electrolyte products such as Bovine GoldLyte® help maintain electrolyte balance and replace the salts cattle lose through heat dissipation. When combined with water, Bovine GoldLyte® is a potent source of electrolytes, chelated trace minerals, and kelp, which together aid hydration and immune function. Bovine GoldLyte® can be added to the drinking tank daily.

Catolyte™ is another Bio-Vet electrolyte that can be used for dehydrated cattle and also as a routine supplement after calving. Catolyte™ provides high levels of vitamins, energy, enzymes and beneficial DFMs to support digestive organisms.

DFM products like Generator™ ULTRA and ELITE contain live microorganisms, including both bacteria and yeast, designed to populate the digestive tract.

Common DFM benefits:

  • Aid digestion
  • Aid immune function
  • Support appetite
  • Support feed utilization

Additional helpful products to support dairy cattle during hot weather:

Generator™ ULTRA

Generator™ ELITE


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