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Bio-Vet Introduces New Equine Products and Sizes

Bio-Vet, Inc. has expanded its equine products line with three new products and a new size of Equine Generator™. Bio-Vet’s equine line now includes: 

  • Equine CPR™, available in a 2.5 pound pouch,
  • Equine Generator™, available in 7.5 and 2.5 pound pouches,
  • Equine Gener-Gel™ Paste, available in an 80 milliliter tube and
  • Equine CPR™ Paste, available in an 80 milliliter tube.

Equine digestive trouble is common and products containing beneficial bacteria and nutrients help support healthy digestion and maximize nutrient absorption. Bio-Vet’s equine products contain live, beneficial microbials, yeast and enzymes to support the digestive process, appetite and feed utilization, as well as biotin for healthy coats and hooves.

Equine Generator™ is recommended for daily feeding for all horses. Equine CPR™ contains higher levels of microbials and nutrients for extra support during periods of performance, stress and transition.

Equine Gener-Gel™ and Equine CPR™ pastes can also be used to support health and digestion during performance and challenge periods, and are especially useful while travelling, to support foal health at birth and during weaning, or for horses that are off feed or receiving veterinary therapy. 

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