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Bio-Vet Introduces New Products & Package Sizes

Bio-Vet, Inc. is introducing 2 new products, including a paste formula of Calf BYCEPS B, a neonatal calf supplement, plus 3 new package sizes.

  • BYCEPS™ Paste – A new paste formulation of our popular Calf BYCEPS™ B milk additive for neonatal calves, available in user-friendly 80-milliliter dial-a-dose tubes.
  • SyniGest™ – A waste treatment blend to aid in breakdown of animal manure, available in 100-gram and 500-gram packets. Standard application rate is 100 grams per 100,000 gallons of liquid manure.
  • Generator ProSacc™ – A DFM product primarily designed for pre-conditioning and incoming feedlot cattle and weanling calves, Generator ProSacc™ is now available in a convenient 3-kilogram pouch.
  • ‘O’ PectiLyte™ – A nutritional supplement for calves at shipping, during fluid loss and when diarrhea is common, ‘O’ PectiLyte™ is now available in 50-pound bags. 
  • ‘O’ Calf GoldLyte® – A nutritional supplement for calves designed to replenish electrolyte salts at shipping, during fluid loss, as management during hot weather and to reduce shrink, ‘O’ Calf GoldLyte® is now available in a 7.5-kilogram (150 dose) pouch. 

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