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Whether you are raising sheep, goats or pigs, producers face nutrition, health, and management challenges daily. Nutrition in small ruminants is key to promote efficiency of production and animal health.

Improve performance, health, and wellbeing of sheep, goats and pigs.

Bio-Vets products help you grow healthier animals and improve operation profitability. Our team can help you meet the nutritional needs of your small ruminant animals on any size operation. We manufacture products the help ensure growth and performance with an emphasis on gut health, immune function, and improved overall production. Our products provide support to optimize rumen health and help overcome production stresses and challenges in your flock or herd.

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Supplements that enhance the microbiome. Specific strains are shown to increase milk/meat production, improve energy balance, support immune function, and help manage stress.

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Gener™ PYK DFM

Direct fed microbial blend for all livestock. Provides high levels of microorganisms, including intestinal origin bacteria, digestive enzymes, fructooligosaccharides, yeast cell walls and kelp.

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BIOSTART™ Paste is a direct fed microbial paste for cattle, sheep, goats and horses. It contains live, viable, and naturally occurring microorganisms, enzymes and vitamins.

Use Biostart™ paste to help animals in a number of critical situations:
• Replace beneficial digestive organisms
• Help overcome shipping or handling challenges
• Feedlot cattle at receiving
• Off feed animals
• Animals in sick/hospital pens

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RumenAider® Paste

Microbial and vitamin paste supplement for cattle, sheep and goats.

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Neo-Start™ Paste

Nutritional / microbial supplement for small ruminants. Contains colostrum milk, protein, fat, tea, vitamins and beneficial microbials to help get newborn animals up and going so they can consume their mother’s colostrum.

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Generator™ ELITE

Direct fed microbial supplement for ruminants. Provides high levels of microorganisms, including rumen / intestinal origin bacteria, live yeast, digestive enzymes and yeast cell walls.

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Generator™ D

Direct fed microbial blend for ruminants. Generator™ D is an economical DFM product designed for low inclusion rates. It is useful in operations where management permits accurate distribution of small amounts of product. It is recommended to mix Generator™ D into the TMR or feed daily to provide high levels of rumen/intestinal origin bacteria, yeast and digestive enzyme activity.

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Calcium supplements support health and production in your fresh cow resulting in higher profits during lactation.

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Calcium Supplement for Goats Calcium supplement for lactating goats.

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When your livestock are stressed or sick, use Bio-Vet’s natural, safe nutritional products to support your livestock’s digestive health and well-being.

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Paste supplement for cattle, sheep, goats and horses.

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