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As a leading producer of animal health & nutrition products, Bio-Vet combines the latest research with real-world experience to deliver innovative solutions for your farm. Our unique approach to animal care and production focuses on supporting your animals’ natural system to improve animal health and grow profits.

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The journey between the health line and death line of your livestock.

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I use the RumenAider®s with the [QuadriCal® MINI]. They fit in the same gun. It’s easy to do. It helps cows, heifers—everything—stay on feed.

Wisconsin Producer

We give our show cattle one RumenAider® and two Pecti-Cap™ when loading them on a truck, and again on arrival. It really helps them through the whole process.

Utah Cattle Company

Overall herd health is better with the Bio-Vet program, and a lot of that is due to consistency of feed intakes. We're having better results with reproduction also.

Wisconsin Producer

We started feeding Bovine GoldLyte® through the TMR during hot spells. My nutritionist said I was his only client whose milk produciton didn’t drop during the hot weather. We use it at the 1 pound per 25 cow rate. It works.

Pennsylvania Dairy ProducerMilks 600 Cows

Maximize Animal Health

Bio-Vet offers a complete line of products, including capsules, boluses, pastes, soluble powders, calf and cattle electrolytes, and daily feed additives. Our products are key components of a complete nutritional program for livestock. With the help of our experienced veterinarians and production animal professionals, we continue to develop products based on research and industry demand.


Our promise to you is to formulate products with the highest quality ingredients to help producers raise healthy animals and grow their profits.

QuadriCal® + Yeast
Calf GoldLyte®
Bovine GoldLyte®

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