“Overall our herd health is better with the Bio-Vet program"

Brander Dairy, LLC. – Wisconsin

Generator™ ELITE  •  ProP169®   •  QuadriCal® MINI   RumenAider®  •  Gener K™  •  Gener-Cap™  •  PectiLyte™

The Brander family milks about 400 Registered Holsteins in southwest Wisconsin. They also raise all their own replacement heifers.

“We’ve used Generator™ ELITE Direct Fed Microbial for about 4 years now,” says Doug Brander. “The first thing we noticed after starting it was the cud chewing. Of cows standing in the parlor or in the holding pen, before Generator ELITE 3 or 4 out of 10 would be chewing their cud. Now, 8 out of 10 are chewing cud at all times.”

The Branders also feed ProP169® in the ration from three weeks prefresh to 150 days after calving. “The first calf heifers are in the fresh cow group also,” says Doug. “They are fed like the high producers, and receive this ration until they are checked pregnant, usually 120 to 130 days post-calving.

“The combination of Generator ELITE, QuadriCal and RumenAider really lifts transition cows over the hump,” Doug adds. “With QuadriCal and RumenAider, we don’t have any issues with milk fever and very little ketosis, because cows don’t go off feed.”

“We experienced a lot of ketosis issues before using Bio-Vet products. Probably four out of 10 fresh cows had ketosis. Now we might have one out of 20 fresh cows with ketosis.”

The protocol they follow includes two applications to every fresh cow (1 RumenAider capsule and 5 QuadriCal MINI boluses after calving, and both again at the second milking).

 “Overall herd health is better with the Bio-Vet program, and a lot of that is due to consistency of feed intakes. We’re having better results with reproduction also.”

They’ve also seen impressive milk production results. “Our peak production has been at 102 to 102.5 pounds per cow for about five weeks now,” Doug reports. “That’s during July and August! We hit the 100-pound mark in February and have stayed above that since” by following the Bio-Vet program. The Branders milk their cows three times a day.

Doug’s son Derek Brander is in charge of calf feeding on the dairy.

PectiLyte™ is fed from two days to two weeks of age. Derek says, “Before PectiLyte, I couldn’t find anything that would work for scours. We still have a few scours cases here and there, but I just give them two feedings of PectiLyte at full rate and they’re better! PectiLyte really does calves a lot of good.”

Derek also applies Gener-Cap™ capsules to every calf, one right after birth and one more each of the next two days. “Gener-Caps keep them eating. We also feed Gener K™ milk additive along with milk up to weaning (8 weeks).”

Doug is the 3rd generation working the Brander farm and Derek is the 4th.

We started feeding Bovine GoldLyte® through the TMR during hot spells. My nutritionist said I was his only client whose milk production didn’t drop during the hot weather. We use it at the 1 pound per 25 cow rate. It works!

- Producer in southern Pennsylvania milks 600 cows

I was concerned about the summer heat wave coming to Wisconsin. We started using Bovine GoldLyte® in the TMR last Thursday and our 130 cows were up 7.69 pounds of milk per head as of Tuesday. Over the weekend we had 90 degree temperatures and 70 percent humidity. This comes with absolutely no feed changes. We were expecting a loss of some sort on milk and the whole herd was up on milk instead. What a payback! We also use Generator ELITE™ in our ration.

Wisconsin Farmer

Manage heat stress and hydration needs of your cattle.

Bovine GoldLyte®, combined with water, forms a potent source of electrolytes, trace minerals, vitamins, and kelp to aid hydration. Bovine GoldLyte may also be mixed into the daily feed ration.

Formulated For
  • Experiencing hot weather
  • Post calving to aid hydration of adult cows
  • Experiencing dehydration in the hospital pen, crowding or other circumstances
  • To help reduce shrink during shipping
  • Heat
  • Dehydration
  • Electrolyte imbalance
  • After calving
  • After shipping/incoming cattle Hospital pen
  • Maintains/restores electrolyte balance
  • Reduce shrink
  • Maintain milk production

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