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Beat the heat! 5% off electrolyte and DFM products for cattle and calves.

Now through August 31, receive 5% off electrolyte and DFM products for cattle and calves.

Dairy cows, especially high producing animals, are particularly susceptible to the negative effects of hot weather. As the temperature rises, feed intake starts to suffer. Direct fed microbials (DFMs) and electrolyte products can provide support to help meet cows’ energy needs and maintain production. Electrolyte products such as Bovine GoldLyte® can help maintain electrolyte balance and replace the salts cattle lose through heat dissipation. DFM products like Generator™ ULTRA and ELITE contain live microorganisms, including both bacteria and yeast, designed to populate the digestive tract. DFMs may help inhibit pathogens, aid digestion, and support immune function, appetite and feed utilization. Calves can suffer in the heat too. During hot weather, calves must expend extra energy to keep cool. Electrolyte products such as Calf GoldLyte® can be fed daily to support hydration and maintain electrolyte balance throughout the summer.

Call 1-800-246-8381 or talk to your Bio-Vet sales representative for more information or to receive 5% off your order of electrolytes or DFM products for cattle and calves.


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