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For several years, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been taking steps to help regulate and track the use of antibiotics and antimicrobials in feedstuffs with the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD). 

This directive was started in 2015 to ensure farmers were using medications for their intended purpose and to help curb antibiotic-resistant drugs, focusing on medications often added to rations. Overuse of antimicrobials has led to antibiotic resistance in livestock and people. 

With the final phase of the VFD, all farmers must obtain a written “prescription” from their veterinarian to use the medications. There must be an established veterinarian-client-patient relationship, meaning that the veterinarian must be familiar with the farmer and animals before a written order is submitted. These orders are then given to feed mills and nutritionists to add medication as prescribed. 

VFD Alternatives

With this directive taking effect in June 2023, it might be time to assess your animal health management program. There may be an opportunity for microbials to help play a role in your herd health. By providing animals with yeast, digestive enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals, rumen and intestinal bacteria, we can help support their immune system from the inside out. This allows them to be better nutritionally supported when encountering disease or infection, in turn hopefully having less health issues. 

Research has shown that microbials can be administered continuously to help support animal gut health and the overall health of livestock. Additionally, the data shows that microbials can be directly fed to calves, dairy cows, beef cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys as part of a herd health management program. 

Helping Animals, Help Themselves

With direct-fed microbials, we may improve animals’ natural microbiomes and gut health. Now is the time to research and consider updated protocols. As you research, consider how microbials can play a role in your herd health without all the additional steps and paperwork that is required by a VFD. Let Bio-Vet be your partner in creating a winning microbial and nutritional support program to ensure success in your operation. Learn more about products and solutions, at

Bio-Vet’s calf combination program like Gener-Cap™ Calf Capsules on day one and Gener™ K Milk/ Milk Replacer Additive fed daily through weaning provides microbial and key nutritional ingredients to support digestive health, immune function, and development in the calf. Supplementing your calves with this program supports them with health and strength when they face harmful pathogens.

Generator™ Elite is a direct-fed microbial and can be used daily for all ruminant animals. This product contains propionibacteria technology which converts lactic acid into propionate, which yields energy. It also contains yeast, and eight other species of live microbials, and digestive enzymes to keep livestock eating, balance their rumen pH, help tolerate heat stress, and improve milk and reproduction. Generator™ Elite is also available in an alternative formula that may be considered for organic use.

RumenAider® Cattle Capsules a nutritional and microbial supplement in capsule form. featuring Capsule-In-A-Capsule© technology, These capsules contain vitamins, chelated trace minerals, rumen and intestinal bacteria, yeast, kelp and other important nutritional ingredients. These capsules can support less thrifty animals and re-establish eating and boost nutrients. Generally, these capsules are used for support on an as needed basis or during stress events.

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