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“Since starting Bio-Vet products, we have definitely seen a drop in digestive issues in the herd; and if you stop the little things, then it doesn’t lead to the bigger issues,” for Corey Hodorff, fourth generation dairy farmer from Eden, Wis. 

Hodorff farms in partnership with his wife Tammy, his brother Clint, and their dad Doug at Second Look Holsteins. The operation consists of 1,300 cows with 16 full-time employees and four part-time employees. Additionally, they farm 1,500 acres of which they own 1,000. Corey and Tammy’s daughters, Kayli, Kaianne, Kalista, and Kaydence, are part of the fifth generation of Second Look Holsteins, with over 120 years of continuous family ownership. 

One Visit Led to Trying Bio-Vet

Bio-Vet came recommended to Hodorff from long-time acquaintance Tom Turner. “I have known Tom for a long time from a previous job. He let us know about Bio-Vet products. Eventually, we decided to try a couple of products,” states Hodorff. “We tried Bovine GoldLyte® first over the summer to help keep cows hydrated through the heat. We noticed that our drop in production was not as significant as it had been in the past. That led us to try other products”. Today Second Look Holsteins uses Bovine GoldLyte®, RumenAider®Quadrical®+Yeast, Generator™ Elite, and Generator™ Ultra as part of their overall herd health management system. 

“We were struggling with fresh cows issues and after using Bovine GoldLyte®, we started using RumenAider® and Quadrical®+Yeast in our pre-fresh and fresh cows to get them ruminating and through that stressful time. We also saw an increase in milk production and a decrease in post calving issues,” says Hodorff. Today, the herd also gets Generator™ Elite year round and Generator™ Ultra for transition cows. 

Attention to Detail Makes the Difference for Dairy Management

It was more than just the products for Hodorff, it was attention to product details. “One big selling point with the Quadrical®+Yeast is the size of the bolus. The smaller boluses are easier to handle and easier to administer,” comments Hodorff. “Bio-Vet has a lot of science, trials, and information behind their products to back up how well their products work. This is real information on real farms.”

And it is also the Bio-Vet support people for Hodorff, “It was the personal touches from Tom that made the impression on me and led to us trying Bio-Vet, and it has made all the difference”.

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