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“My cows are consistently eating the same amount, giving milk consistently, and breeding back consistently”. Consistency is key at Wiese Dairy LLC, thanks to Bio-Vet’s Bovine GoldLyte®, RumenAider® and QuadriCal® + Yeast

Wiese Family Farms, LLC is a third generation dairy farm located in the Fox Valley in central Wisconsin. Started in 1959, the farm has seen changes in size and scope over the last seven decades. Today, it is home to 250 cows milking in a parlor built in 2008, plus youngstock housed in the automatic calf barn. Additionally, the Wiese family of Nathan, his wife and parents, along with their four employees manage 1,000 acres of crop land. 

It All Started with Milk Fever

Bio-Vet became of interest to Nathan Wiese at a local farm show a number of years ago. He was given QuadriCal® + Yeast to use on 20 fresh cows. He had indicated he had success in the past with similar products but they were pricey. After just one use, Nathan was hooked. “I had no milk fever and only the occasional ketosis. I was able to save money with Quadrical with the same results as other products,” says Wiese. The cost savings made the switch an easy one for the Wieses. Shortly after, they were introduced to Bovine GoldLyte®, and it was a game changer for summer cow management. 

Keeping Cows Consistent in the Summer

Wisconsin weather in the summertime can be highly unpredictable. Hot, humid days can quickly affect cows’ eating habits, milk production, and reproductive ability. While Wiese Family Farms was using fans and sprinklers, it wasn’t enough to negate the heat for the cows. However, supplementing with Bovine GoldLyte® made the difference. 

“The first year we used it, it wasn’t overly hot but the cows never crowded and the breeding numbers stayed strong,” recalls Wiese. “The next summer it was warmer and the cows started to crowd but again my breeding wasn’t affected and milk production didn’t decline. Single milkings would dip a little but the cows would come back strong by the next milking,”. 

Water Savings Leads to Cost Savings

Approximately four years ago, during a routine cleaning of the barn, one of the employees hit the sprinkler system in the freestall. As fate would have it, temperatures were on the rise and the sprinkler system was out of commission.

“The cows didn’t crowd and they kept breeding. I realized I didn’t need the sprinklers and I haven’t run them in the freestall for the last three or four years. This has been a huge cost savings for us in not only the water but also not putting extra water into the manure pit that needs to be removed in the fall,” states Wiese. 

He continues, “The cost savings in water have covered the cost of the product. My cows continue to be consistent, get pregnant and produce milk, and I am not running water all summer long,”.

Easy Solutions for You

“Working with Bio-Vet is so easy! I just send a message and they take care of the rest! They work with you and offer new solutions”, states Wiese. 

Let Bio-Vet be your partner in creating a winning supplement routine to help your animals achieve better health and growth. Learn more about products and solutions at or connect with a sales representative today. 

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